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You have entered our collaborative space for staff in the Upper Merion Area School District. This purpose of this wiki is to post any information that was covered during a technology professional development workshop. As a wiki, you are invited and encouraged to add to this living document. Feel free join so that you can to use this space to post information you discover or create within your classroom or to share links to neat resources. Look for more information about wikis coming SOON!!

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The blue bar to the left contains links to all of the resources in this wiki. What you will find in each section is defined below.

This section contains all of the Upper Merion resources, summer schedule, and link to the home page, e-class page, and other district resources.

UMTraining/ Workshops
This section contains resources to support the technology initiatves presented during the summer workshop. If you missed a workshop, want more information, or need support you can browse this by section. Feel free to add your own links, information and comments.

This sections contains links to technology workshop / presentations done by UM staff at local, state, and national conferences such as NECC, and PETE & C.

Check here for information about free downloads, Open Source software, and links to other good resource pages.

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